Wednesday, August 22, 2012

West Coast


It was time for the 3rd annual girls trip. In years past we headed to the Oregon Coast. This year, we flew into Portland and then drove to Seattle. I really loved the Portland Saturday Market, and then we hiked Multnomah Falls. It was absolutley beautiful. For dinner went to Claim jumpers and had amazing carrot cake!
I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then going to Washington. After church we went to Mt. Saint Helens. The tour guide did an amazing job of retelling the story. It was absolutely fascinating.
I absolutley loved Seattle. My favorite place was Pike's Place Market. I couldn't get over all the beautiful flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables. Right underneath the market is this gum wall, disgusting but so cool. We spent the afternoon on a tour of the city in a "duck". It is a trolley that turns into a boat. I loved going into Union Lake for a perfect view of the city. Of course a trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Space Needle or the Seattle Aquarium. I loved my trip to Seattle and I hope to get back soon.

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The Nakkens said...

Fun trip! Now come to SF.